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Neil Usher - Workplace Director at Sky, blogger at and regular speaker and commentator


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Corporate Resilience: Forget the 3-Year plan, Think 100 Year Plan

The average Fortune 500 multi-corporation only lasts for 50 years – many vanish from our radar over our lifetime – and we increasingly understand why new approaches to thinking, doing, being and producing are needed if our brands are to last, companies are to survive, and consumers are to be kept happy and engaged.

So forget short thinking, increased seasonality and planned obsolescence, even five-year plans that are designed to drive brand value and retail buy-in. Instead, join the world of long-form thinking, 100-year plans and 1,000-year scenarios.

Ed Neild - Cushman & Wakefield 

Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy Group - Vice Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Advertising




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What makes a city resilient

The panel session will offer insight into the need for cities to recognise the challenges that they face in the 21st century and beyond in order to thrive and to avoid obsolescence through a structured approach to resilience planning for all aspects that make up a vibrant and successful urban environment. The panel will look at how resilience is being addressed and what can be learnt from their experiences in the planning for the future.

Simon Price - Ramboll 

Hamish Cameron - London Fire Brigade
Ingvar Sejr Hansen - Head of Planning Division, Centre for Urban Development, City of Copenhagen
Clare Melhuish - Senior Research Associate/ Co-Director, UCL Urban Laboratory



Resilience in a Cognitive Era

The Cognitive Era is here and it’s making a difference. Cognition enables a new level of engagement with technology that is able to sense, reason and learn about its users and the world around it. By 2018, market analyst IDC predicts that half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis. Businesses that pursue these cognitive possibilities will sharpen their competitive edge, while others will be left behind.

Leaders across sectors as diverse as healthcare, aviation, public safety and insurance are already realising the benefits - driving meaningful insights from cognitive technology to enable faster, better decision-making.

The potential to plan, predict, diagnose and prevent disruption to your business has arguably never been more necessary or attainable.

Jamie Cole - Executive Partner,  IBM Global Business Services, UK Industrial Leader, Cognitive Business Decision Support
Felicity Yates - Resiliency Manager, Reiliency Services, IBM Infrastructure Services, Global Technology Services



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The Art of Resilience - Pecha Kucha

Doug Shaw - What Goes Around, Artist and Facilitator


How resilient are you?

The UK has the lowest productivity of all G7 countries with economists calling this a productivity timebomb. So how can organisations help their employees to be more engaged and productive? And what can employees do to become more resilient at work, better able to cope with pressure and stress? The concept of the corporate athlete, with high levels of corporate fitness, is growing in popularity. But what can research in the field of neuroscience add to the debate.  

Jonathan Steel - BNP Paribas Real Estate

Tom Flatau - Teamworking International - Managing Director





The Sharing Economy - new trend or here to stay?

Analysts estimate that by 2025 total revenues from the most prominent sectors of the sharing economy will exceed $330 billion. With the sharing economy increasingly spreading into the B2B domain, many industries are being disrupted by the altered way products and services are traded. Yet businesses want to benefit from the so called underutilized resources as well as diversify their own offerings – and the real estate industry is not lagging behind. 

So the question remains: do businesses have the resilience it takes to adapt to the risks associated with safety concerns, inconsistency of quality, and legal liability or will the sharing economy begin transforming itself in response to evolving demands and regulatory pressures?

Tom Carroll - JLL 

Jonathan Hope - Barclays Eagle Labs Strategy and Programme Transformation Lead
Kevin Barrow - Partner, Osborne Clarke
Stefano Tresca - Founding Member – Level 39



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I'm resilient, get me in there!

There are adventurers and then there is Benedict Allen.  The British writer, traveller and adventurer is known for his technique of immersion among indigenous peoples. He lives for months at a time with remote tribes, learning their survival techniques, taking no equipment, maps or compasses into communities but instead throwing himself on the mercy of the people he encounters. He has come close to death on many occasions. Benedict will talk about the mental resilience needed to overcome fear and uncertainty to embrace the present and future

Benedict Allen


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