Learning & Development

CoreNet Global’s Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) designation and Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) certificate programmes allow you to improve your skills, advance your career, and receive recognition for your commitment.

From the moment you enrol - or declare candidacy – you’ll receive priority access to seminars, discounts on all MCR and SLCR seminars, ad-hoc support from the Learning Programme team, and be able to network with colleagues working towards the same qualifications.

Master of Corporate Real Estate

The MCR programme is designed to give you essential skills for handling business-critical issues and exploiting CRE strategies to achieve corporate goals.

Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate

CoreNet’s SLCR programme helps prepare candidates for promotion to top tier roles by developing critical leadership, strategic decision-making and financial analysis skills.

As part of the goal to widen the understanding of Corporate Real Estate in the UK, the Learning and Development committee have been in contact with Reading, Oxford Brookes, CASS, UCL, Southbank and Westminster universities in order to promote CoreNet to the students studying Real Estate at university at Undergraduate and Masters level. Please click here to find out more about this great initiative and how students can become a member of the CoreNet Global UK Chapter for just €25.00.

For details of current learning events click here.