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Leading through uncertainty (END USER ATTENDEES ONLY)

This session, that commences prior to One Big Day, is an invite-only event that is exclusively for the CoreNet UK Chapter End User community. It will be led by Kirsten Edwards-Warren, a professional economist and leadership coach, who is currently Executive Vice President in Compass Lexecon's European Competition Policy practice.

With a unique perspective on leadership, thanks to her training in economics, accounting and life coaching, as well as leading a professional services firm, Kirsten will demonstrate how to change your leadership style to manage uncertainty. From developing deep listening skills to help you to listen to understand and learn, rather than listening to respond, and increasing your curiosity to allow you to have more information on which to base decisions, she will explain how to encourage other people get to the (real) point and help them to solve their own problems. As well as helping get your voice heard, the session will help delegates to spend less time on trivial problems, improve their delegation skills and hone decision-making capabilities.

Kirsten Edwards Warren - Executive Vice President, Compass Lexecon

10:00 ONE BIG DAY Registration & Networking
Is it ever as bad as you think?

Covering risk analysis, strategy, behavioural economics and change management, Gerald will consider topical areas that affect any business at any level. Looking at risk from all industries and areas of life and study, he will challenge the classical economic models which attempt to predict behaviour with linear, rational processes. He will argue that people simply don’t work like that, whether it’s consumers deciding on what product to buy, or business leaders choosing corporate strategy or investment.

With examples ranging from forest fires to Hollywood actresses, he takes an entertaining, insightful look at where many conventional, accepted ways of viewing problems, assessing risk and making decisions are flawed. By highlighting that there are sometimes no perfect solutions, many ‘known unknowns’, and that we are influenced by context rather than facts, and instinctive biases rather than rational analysis, he leads audiences to new ways of thinking. Gerald has over thirty years’ experience in international finance and business, having worked in London, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Gerald Ashley - Advisor, broadcaster and writer on change, risk and decision making

11:30 Networking break
Planning for Brexit

Whether you were a remainer or a brexiteer prior to the referendum, one thing is now certain, Brexit has created greater uncertainty than most of us have known in a generation.

This session looks not into the past, as to whether Brexit was a good or bad idea or even whether the referendum should ever have taken place, but will explore the likely scenarios on the premise that Brexit is looking likely to happen in whatever form it takes. The speakers, who come from different sides of the debate, will explore how business should now pay more attention to those scenarios and develop a plan to minimise the downside risk and seek to capitalise on the opportunities that Brexit could bring.

Ruth Lea CBE - Economic Adviser of the Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC
Steven Toft - Organisational Analyst, Change Leader and Programme Manager

12:50 Lunch and Networking

1.Navigating the Stakeholders

Covering the pitfalls, problems and solutions in obtaining investment from key business stakeholders in the Corporate Real Estate agenda, this workshop will provide a social, informative and engaging networking experience for the participants. By initiating conversations based on personal experience, the session will help to identify and discuss the challenges faced by CRE when engaging on key topics including finance, HR, employees, shareholders and IT. At the end of this session the data will be collected and a report will be distributed to all attendees, providing an overview of common issues encountered.

2.Landlords &Tenants - Is the relationship changing?

How will the landlord and tenant relationship work into the future - it's quite uncertain.  How long is your lease versus how long do you need it to be? How much space have you taken? How much will you need in three years’ time and how will you bridge the gap? How flexible are your landlord’s terms? How flexible is their funding?

As tenants are increasingly demand more flexible leases and fluid locations, we’ve see co-working step into the void; but how stable are these platforms? Is the perceived inflexibility of our traditional landlords’ being driven by reliance on market norms or are property funding models the issue? How can we drive change?

Join us for a frank and open debate between some of the industry’s heaviest hitters on how the way we rent space is changing and how best we can take advantage.


John Duckworth - Managing Director UK & EMEA, The Instant Group


Helen Causer - Senior Projects Director (Asset Management), Argent
Emily Prideaux - Head of Leasing, Derwent
Gearoid Collins - Country Manager IWG Ireland

15:10 Networking break
The role of Corporate Real Estate and Corporate Strategy

Hear from Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who will give her view of the economic and business landscape plus, of course, the latest on Brexit.

Carolyn will then be joined on stage by JLL’s Head of Research in EMEA, Tom Carroll, to discuss these issues in more detail. Tom and Carolyn will also discuss how Brexit is impacting the CRE industry and how businesses have been dealing with the increased uncertainty.

To wrap up this informative session, the discussion will be opened up to the floor for an interactive Q&A to tackle the current issues around Brexit and uncertainty in the CRE world.

The CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the voice of British business.

Carolyn Fairbairn - Director-General, CBI
Tom Carroll - Head of EMEA Corporate Research, JLL


Decision-making in the most uncertain environments

Richard will delve into all aspects of his hugely-varied career and how he has managed to make key life decisions during the uncertainty that he has experienced. From deciding to play rugby professionally, subsequently suffering a career-ending injury, to making life and death decisions on his extreme and world record breaking adventures, Richard will put into context how these experiences relate to the business world, and how lessons can be learnt to change the way we view decision making.

Richard Parks

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